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Air Pressure Sensors


Differential pressure transmitter for measuring and monitoring overpressure, underpressure, differential pressure and flow volume of air and other non-aggressive gases in fan and filter systems in duct applications. 8 adjustable pressure and flow volume ranges permit use in HVAC applications of clean rooms, process measurement and controls systems. The optional features, such as relay outputs for 2-point controllers or 2-stage 2-point controllers, an LCD with traffic light indication allow for a wide range of applications. A hinged cover and tool-free wiring as well as removable cable entries ensure a quick and easy installation. 'Dual' versions with 2 independent sensors for up to 2x differential pressures or 2x flow volume in a single enclosure are available. The mounting base (included in the delivery content) can be used to mount the DPA+ on a flat surface or on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) in accordance with EN 60715.

Application/type Differential pressure transducer
Purpose Measure values
Measured values differential pressure, volume flow, pressure in Pa or inchWC, volume flow in m³/h or cfm, optionally configurable via app or uConfig
Interface RS485 Modbus, RS485 BACnet, LON FT, Active, 0..5 V, 0..10 V, 4..20 mA, Switch contact
Configuration USEapp, uConfig, BUS, jumper, DIP switches, (depending on type)
Sensor piezo measuring element
Output voltage 2x 0..10 V or 0..5 V, 4x 0..10 V or 0..5 V, adjustable via jumper, live-zero configuration via app or uConfig, min. load 10 kΩ
Output current 2x 4..20 mA, max. load 500 Ω
Output switch contact 2x floating contact NO for 24 V ~ or 24 V = / 3 A
Network technology RS485 Modbus, RS485 BACnet (MS/TP), LON FT (free topology)
Data transmission RTU, half-duplex, baud rate 9.600, 19.200, 38.400 or 57.600, parity: none (2 stop bits), even or odd (1 stop bit)
Operating range temperature (°C) -10..+50
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH short term condensation
Operating range pressure air or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases, max. 40 kPa
Measuring range pressure 0..+250 Pa (default setting), 0..+2500 Pa (default setting), 0..+7000 Pa (default setting), 0..+25 | 0..+50 | 0..+100 | 0..+250 | -25..+25 | -50..+50 | -100..+100 | -150..+150 Pa, -100..+100 | 0..+100 | 0..+250 | 0..+500 | 0..+1000 | 0..+1500 | 0..+2000 | 0..+2500 Pa, 0..+1000 | 0..+1500 | 0..+2000 | 0..+2500 | 0..+3000 | 0..+4000 | 0..+5000 | 0..+7000 Pa, selectable at the device
Accuracy pressure ±1 Pa at range <250 Pa, ±5 Pa at range <500 Pa, ±10 Pa at range >500 Pa, ±10 Pa at range <2000 Pa, ±25 Pa at range >2000 Pa, deviation from calibration reference device (calibrator), automatic zero point calibration
Measuring range velocity (ppm) 0..750.000 m³/h, optionally configurable
Power supply 15..35 V = SELV, 19..29 V ~ SELV
Power consumption max. 2,5 W (24 V =), 4,3 VA (24 V ~)
Display LCD 29x35 mm, RGB backlight, with traffic light function, threshold values configurable, optionally configurable via app or uConfig
Enclosure USE-L, impact- and shock-resistant enclosure with quick-release cover, PC
Colour pure white, transparent cover
Protection (IP) IP65, according to EN 60529
Connection removable cable entry flextherm M20 for wire Ø=4,5..9 mm, removable cable entry M25 with fourfold cable entry for wire with max. Ø=7 mm, removable plug-in terminal, max. 2,5 mm², BUS max. 1,5 mm², relay max. 1,5 mm², inputs max. 1,0 mm², pressure connection male Ø=5,0 mm / Ø=6,3 mm, connection tube: PVC, soft
Mounting surface-mounted flat on base using screws, prepared for mounting on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715
Delivery content incl. mounting base enclosure USE-L pure white, incl. mounting set (screws and accessories), incl. pressure connection set and 2 m PVC connection hose
Packaging case packaging
Notes output protection circuit (reverse polarity protected)
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