Environment and Sustainability

The environmentally conscious and sustainable management of energy and resources is firmly embedded in Thermokon's Code of Conduct. We are aware of our responsibility and align our actions to improve our carbon footprint.

The fact that this commitment is filled with life every day is thanks to our employees. They appreciate the diverse opportunities to contribute. We support their active engagement for the environment through regular training sessions.

Resource-efficient processes in compliance with REACH and RoHS guidelines

We handle resources sparingly, for example, by generating renewable energy or by modernizing technologies and systems to improve efficiency. This is supported by regular reporting with relevant key figures, from which we derive new measures and investments.

Reducing our material consumption through process optimization also plays an important role. In compliance with REACH and RoHS guidelines, we conscientiously strive to use environmentally friendly or bio-based materials.

Our customers also benefit from our environmental awareness. Our aim is to contribute to increased energy efficiency with intelligent sensor technology. That's what the name Thermokon stands for. The careful selection and annual evaluation of our partners also ensure sustainable solutions throughout the entire supply chain.

Code of Conduct:
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Environmental Declaration:
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U.S. Conflict Minerals Policy:
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