LoRaWAN® – Long Range Wide Area Network

What is LoRaWAN®?

Long Range Wide Area Network – short LoRaWAN®* – is a radio technology that is capable of transmitting data over a long distance and even from remote and hard-to-reach locations in an energy-efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Due to the low energy consumption, the batteries of the sensors are extremely durable and can last for several years.

LoRaWAN® uses the so-called ISM frequency band around 868 MHz in Europe, for which no licence fees and no cellular costs are incurred. LoRaWAN® is heavily involved in the development of so-called „smart cities“. In Germany for example, cities and municipalities in particular are building a sustainable and process-optimised infrastructure for building security and monitoring or controlling street lighting.

In Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, telecommunications providers operate a nationwide network of gateways. In addition to the public networks, companies can also set up their own networks (private networks).

*LoRaWAN® is a registered trademark of the LoRa Alliance®
Thermokon® is official member of the LoRa Alliance®

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Advantages and Highlights


LoRa® provides long radio transmission ranges
and a thorough signal penetration.


Intelligent LoRaWAN® sensors reach up to
10 years lifetime in battery operation.


Guaranteed high security and interoperability
due to LoRaWAN® network protocol.


LoRaWAN® enables bidirectional communication
between sensors and network servers.

System Architecture and Operating Principle