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Compact inclined tube manometer for displaying and monitoring differential air pressure in HVAC applications. Mounting accessories are included in the delivery content.

Application/type Differential pressure gauge
Purpose Measure values
Measured values differential pressure
Output switch contact switching range, 40..600 Pa, 100..1500 Pa, switching difference, 30 Pa, 80 Pa, max. 250 V ~, 3 A resisitve load, 2 A inductive load, miniature switches with silver contacts, service life: >1.000.000 switching operations
Operating range temperature (°C) -40..+60
Operating range pressure air or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases, max. 200 kPa
Measuring range pressure -50..+50 Pa, -20..+100 Pa, -100..+500 Pa, 0..+600 Pa
Accuracy pressure ±1 Pa, ±5 Pa (-100..0 Pa), ±25 Pa (+1..+500 PA), ±5 Pa (0..+200 Pa), ±25 Pa (201..+600 PA)
Display liquid indicator
Enclosure ABS, cover PMMA, PS: cover PC, membrane silicone
Colour blue
Protection (IP) IP54, according to EN 60529
Connection cable entry M16 for wire Ø=8 mm, terminal block, max. 1,5 mm², pressure connection ABS, connection tube: PVC, soft
Delivery content incl. fixing screws (2x), incl. pressure connection set and 2 m PVC connection hose, incl. 30 ml gauge fluid, incl. 2 indication stickers (red/green)
Device length (mm) 210
Device width (mm) 140
Device height (mm) 60
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