NOVOS move – Portable sensors with CO2 traffic light function

"Aerosols are a possible transmission path of the novel coronavirus. Aerosols spread quickly throughout the entire room, especially in closed indoor spaces. Regular ventilation by shock and cross ventilation or via ventilation systems in the rooms can significantly reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2." (Source: German Environment Agency 25.09.2020)

The cold season is approaching and the continuous ventilation of classrooms, kindergartens, open-plan offices, lecture halls, sports facilities, etc. is only possible to a limited extent. Often rooms are only ventilated when it is already too late and the air quality has already reached a critical level.

This is remedied by so-called CO2 sensors, which continuously measure the CO2 content of the room air via an integrated sensor. According to the recommendations of the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission (IRK), adequate indoor air quality is considered to be given if the CO2 content in the room does not exceed a value of 1000 ppm (CO2 particles per million).

However, especially in lessons or during meetings, it is not always possible to keep a constant eye on the measured values and to recognize the right time to ventilate the room. For this reason, our CO2 sensors are equipped with an intelligent and easy to understand traffic light function (TLF).

Colored LEDs or displays help to visualize the current room air quality. For example, the colours green (CO2 content less than 750 ppm), yellow (between 750 and 1500 ppm) and red (more than 1500 ppm) indicate when the indoor air quality no longer meets the IRK's recommended specifications – a quick glance at the device is therefore sufficient to determine whether the room should be ventilated or not.


  • Stand-alone solution with aluminium desk display and connected power supply unit

  • Simple commissioning: unpack > set up > plug in (plug’n’play)

  • Indication of the measured room air quality via LED or LCD

  • Preset threshold values for colour indication (adjustable if required)

  • Optionally with sensors to detect the VOC content and relative humidity

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