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The most modern radio technology for the historic town hall

Forli's historic municipal building was retrofitted to make heating more efficient while ensuring greater comfort to staff and visitors. System integrator CASADEI&PELLIZZARO from Forli relied on Thermokon's wireless and energy-harvesting EnOcean solution for intelligent room automation. Energy-harvesting products from Thermokon's EasySens® portfolio were used. The advantages of having virtually no wiring are also a mandatory requirement for the protection of the architectural heritage in historic buildings. We interviewed the system integrator CASADEI&PELLIZZARO about this special EnOcean project and their initial challenges.

What were the specific challenges for this project?

The biggest challenge was to provide efficiency and comfort to a historic building without having the option to fundamentally rewire or introduce smarter wired technologies. Therefore, the choice quickly fell on the comprehensive EnOcean solution from Thermokon. The centralized heating distribution with the previous automation system led to temperature imbalances inside the building, which were in fact not controlled and led to overheating in certain rooms with a significant waste of energy.

Which functions were required?

To make the building management system efficient, it was essential to create a system capable of independently controlling the climate in each single room and supplying energy only to those rooms, where the required set point temperature was not reached. The new automation system also had to be able to stop the water circulation, when all rooms were within their dedicated temperature corridors.

Why did you choose the Thermokon EasySens® system?

Because we wanted to avoid cabling and invasive interventions, that consume significantly more time and costs. Our technicians therefore opted for a wireless system with the reliable and energy-harvesting EnOcean technology.

The system uses the wireless energy-harvesting valve actuator SAB+, which uses the Peltier effect to generate the energy required for its operation. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also completely maintenance-free. Furthermore, the SAB+ contributes to a green and sustainable footprint, as it does neither involve batteries nor power supply.

In addition, the SR06 LCD radio thermostats are equipped with solar cells and backup capacitors for an advanced lifetime of more than 10 years in well-lit rooms, avoiding batteries as well.

What are the main advantages of EasySens®?

One of the biggest advantages, especially in historic buildings, is the elimination of (re-)wiring. For us as a system integrator, the quick installation of the components with the possibility of pre-programming have also proven to be a great benefit. From the operator's point of view, the EnOcean technology and the resulting decrease of maintenance and increase of energy-savings is worthy to be mentioned here.

How did you structure the system layout in this project?


Equipping the approximately 150 radiators with the SAB+ radio valve actuator was accompanied by the positioning of central receivers in the corridors. They serve for the communication with the central heating system. In addition, we implemented a comfort scheduler and a standardised set point temperature.

How do you rate the installation procedure of EasySens® products?

All units were programmed and commissioned by us before installation on site. The installation time for the battery-free SAB+ valve actuator was therefore the same as for a manual thermostatic valve actuator - with one significant difference: time and costs for wiring could be avoided completely. Due to the plug-and-play principle, the installation of the thermostats and receivers was extremely quick as well.

What are your experiences so far?

Both we as a system integrator and the end client are very satisfied: The valve actuators at the radiators enable optimal climate control and drastically reduce energy consumption. The time-based temperature control with the help of the building management system also has a notably positive effect. From a comfort point of view, all employees have the possibility to adjust the room temperature individually.

Room operating unit SR06 LCD

  • High quality optics
  • Easy programming via PC
  • Comfortable adjustment of room parameters via function keys
  • Energy self-sufficient thanks to energy harvesting technology
  • Bidirectional thanks to SmartACKNOWLEDGE

Energy-harvesting valve actuator SAB+ 

  • Energy efficiency through demand-oriented individual room control
  • Energy-sufficient thanks to Seebeck effect
  • Easy commissioning via airConfig