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Version Update: STC-BACnet IP V4

The EasySens Gateway STC-BACnet IP is receiving a version update.

New Features:

  • Sensor-Exchange:
    When activated, gateways work together and exchange EnOcean telegrams with each other.
    This means that it is enough to learn the sensors/actuators in a single gateway – all other gateways (e.g. on the floor) deliver the telegrams received by them.
  • Sensor data can be stored on an optional SD card.
    This means that the gateway starts up after a power failure with the last saved measurement value, instead of default values.
    As a result, the lights start in the last active state and temperature control loops start with the last measured temperature.
    The special industrial-grade SD card is inserted into the slot on the side of the gateway.
  • Data points are displayed directly in airConfig and can be edited.
    Changes in airConfig affect the BACnet side and vice versa.
  • Easy sensor replacement – all settings and names are preserved, only the EnOcean ID is swapped.

Additional Features to come (Q3/23):

  • Integration into cloud solutions through MQTT
  • Native support for Thermokon LoRaWAN sensors in combination with the UG65 LoRaWAN Gateway.
    LoRaWAN telegrams are exchanged via MQTT and converted from the STC-BACnet IP V4 into BACnet data points.
  • Native support of the STC-LRW bridge, which sends EnOcean telegrams via LoRaWAN.
    This extends the range of EnOcean sensors for kilometers and allows EnOcean products to be used in a LoRaWAN network.