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Frost Protection Thermostats


Frost protection thermostat for downstream temperature monitoring of e.g. heat exchangers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The product offers a small differential gap and a high reproducibility. Resetting can be done automatically or manually (type '-R'). The frost protection thermostat can be used to perform the following functions: stop fan, close outside air dampers, open heating valve 100%, start heating pump, switch-off chiller (condenser) and de-/humidifier, trigger visual and/or audible frost alarm.

Application/type Frost protection thermostat
Purpose Measure values
Measured values temperature
Interface Switch contact
Functions frost protection
Operating elements rotary knob, -10..+15 °C, default setting +5 °C, reset button
Output switch contact single pole change over, switching difference, 2 °C ±1 °C, switching capacity, 250 V ~, max. 10 A
Operating range temperature (°C) -35..+70
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH short term condensation
Accuracy temperature repeatability ±0,5 K
Material in touch with media Capillary pipe, copper with tube filling R507, sensor operating length approx. 600 mm, contact material Ag/Ni (90%/10%), gold plated (3 µm)
Installation length (mm) 1800, 3000, 6000, 12000
Enclosure PA6 GK30
Colour light grey, transparent cover ABS
Protection (IP) IP65, according to EN 60529
Connection cable entry M16 for wire Ø=8 mm, terminal block, max. 2,5 mm²
Delivery content incl. installation set
Device length (mm) 120
Device width (mm) 110
Device height (mm) 51
Notes mounting flange MF2 useable from installation length 3000 mm
Catalogue table Frost protection thermostat
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