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Flextherm M20: New sealing insert for USE devices

The new Flextherm M20 sealing insert is now available and will replace the previous M20 sealing insert of all devices of the USE family in the current production process (except types with relay/BUS).

In addition to the optimized compatibility for cable diameters of 4.5..9 mm, the cable entry will also be supplied completely pre-assembled with the devices in the future.

In a first step, the devices in the USE-M/L enclosures will be converted to the new M20 Flextherm sealing insert. The double sealing insert (2x 6 mm) is no longer included in delivery, but can still be ordered as an optional accessory for cases required.

For types with relay or BUS, the M25 cable entry with fourfold sealing insert is included. The passive devices in the USE-S enclosure are changed during the running process as soon as the stock of the Flextherm M16 is exhausted.

In addition, the Flextherm M20 sealing insert can be purchased in a set of ten pieces as an accessory:

Item description: Flextherm M20 – sealing insert USE white, Ø=4,5..9 mm – 10 pcs.
Item No.: 752206
Price: 10,30 €

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