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airScan Licensing procedure changed

The licensing process of our field-strength measuring tool "airScan" with the EnOcean USB stick has been changed. From now on, the licence is stored directly on the USB stick and is therefore independent of the end device (i.e. PC) used. This eliminates the need to reload the licence when changing computers. In addition, neither administrator rights nor network access will be required for licensing.

After updating to the latest airScan version (V5.00), existing installations can simply adopt/write the registered licence onto the airScan stick. The licence previously stored on the computer loses its validity. You can then use the airScan stick independently of the PC.

With the new airScan version you also get access to the SensorCloud. All EEPs of the sensors that have been received with airScan in the past are stored in the cloud. This brings the great comfort of having sensor names always present inside a building, no matter who is checking the transmission ranges. If you have defined your own sensor names or positioning information in airConfig, these are transmitted to the SensorCloud. This means that the stored information are available on every computer using the airScan stick and moving inside the building.

For users having prejudices due to data privacy, the SensorCloud can of course be individually deactivated at any time.

The SensorCloud is hosted on an AWS server (Amazon Web Services)