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NOVOS 3 INC – Reset despite analogue setpoint adjuster

The NOVOS 3 INC offers functionality, which has previously only been reserved for high-end devices with a display: external setpoint reset despite having analogue operating elements.

Equipped with an incremental encoder, the new development from Thermokon allows both individual control of the room climate and its decentralized setpoint reset through the building management system (BMS).
By dispensing with a mechanical stop of the rotary switch, central control of the parameters is possible at any time.

NOVOS 3 INC focuses on ease of use, as users can adjust the room parameters set by the BMS to their personal preferences at any time using the rotary switch. The selected settings can be easily checked through an integrated LED indication. Users can also access the ECO function and the presence detection option via the room operating panel. Up to five fan speeds can be selected with a single button. Of course, these can also be overwritten from external.

External Reset included

An additional benefit is the possibility of equipping it with up to four sensors - temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC. The combination of these two strengths in a single solution makes NOVOS 3 INC currently unique and powerful among room operating units.

For the purpose of an easy integration into BMS, the NOVOS 3 INC offers a Modbus or BACnet interface.