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We are there for you

We are following the dramatic developments around the Corona virus very closely and can say, that there has been no case of COVID-19 in our workforce to date.

However, in order to further protect the health of our employees and at the same time ensure the continuation of our production, we have taken extensive measures.

All necessary raw materials for the production of our devices are sufficiently available on stock. We are currently working intensively to maintain our ability to deliver and are closely working together with our suppliers and partners. If we anticipate significant bottlenecks in our supply chain, we will inform you immediately.

We are still available for you by phone, mobile, e-mail or through our social media channels. However, we would like to ask you to send technical support requests only via e-mail to until further notice.
Our priority is to protect the health of our employees whilst being there for you. We will do everything in our hands to keep up our production and deliveries to you.
All the best for you – please stay healthy & safe!