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Room Operating Units/Controller


The flush-mounted room operating unit with an interface for RS485 Modbus or KNX is used for set point adjustment. An outstanding feature is the possibility to overwrite the status via Modbus RS485. It furthermore includes a push button for triggering an ECO mode to save energy. The central knob is used as a rotary push button. The set point can be changed as required by turning the button accordingly. The device status is visualized by LEDs i.e. heating/cooling.

Application/type Room operating unit
Purpose Room Climate Control, Measure values
Measured values temperature, relative humidity
Interface RS485 Modbus, KNX (TP), 0..5 V, 0..10 V, 4..20 mA, Switch contact
Functions temperature control, fan control, presence, night setback
Operating functions setpoint adjustment temperature, fan stage adjustment, standby/presence detection, ECO function, status feedback via LED
Operating elements rotary encoder/push button for setpoint adjustment/ECO function, button for fan stage adjustment
Configuration BUS, DIP switches, ETS (KNX), (depending on type)
Network technology RS485 Modbus, KNX (TP1)
Data transmission RTU, half-duplex, baud rate 9.600, 19.200, 38.400 or 57.600, parity: none (2 stop bits), even or odd (1 stop bit)
Operating range temperature (°C) -10..+50
Output signal temperature 0..+50 °C
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH non-condensing
Accuracy temperature ±0,3 K (typ. at 21 °C)
Measuring range humidity 0..100% rH non-condensing
Accuracy humidity ±2% between 10..90% rH (typ. at 21 °C)
Power supply 15..24 V = (±10%) SELV, 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV, supply via BUS, 29 V = SELV
Power consumption typ. 0,3 W (24 V =), 0,9 VA (24 V ~)
Display 7 LEDs for displaying setpoint adjustment, labelling {- [thermometer] +}, 4 LEDs showing fan stage, labelling {[fan blades] I II III A}, LED for displaying the ECO mode function
Enclosure PA6.6
Colour pure white brilliant, pure white matt, aluminium, Jung aluminium
Protection (IP) IP30, according to EN 60529
Connection removable plug-in terminal, max. Ø=0,8 mm, terminal block, max. 1,5 mm², pluggable, cable entry via rear opening
Switch ranges Berker, Busch-Jaeger, Feller, Gira, Jung, Merten
Switch range Berker S.1, B.3 aluminium, B.7, B.7 glass, Q.1, Q.3, K.5 aluminium/stainless steel
Switch range Busch-Jaeger alpha nea®, Busch-axcent® with intermediate frame, Busch-balance® SI, Busch-balance® SI with intermediate frame, Busch-Duro 2000® SI, future® linear with intermediate frame, impuls, Reflex SI, solo® with intermediate frame
Switch range Feller EDIZIOdue, STANDARDdue
Switch range Gira E2, E3, Esprit, Event, Flächenschalter with intermediate frame, Standard 55
Switch range Jung A 500, A 550, A creation, A plus, AS 500, CD 500 with intermediate frame, LS 990 with intermediate frame
Switch range Merten 1-M, Antik with intermediate frame, Artec with intermediate frame, Artec stainless steel with intermediate frame, Atelier-M, M-Plan, M-Pure, M-Smart
Switch range Peha Aura, Aura glass
Mounting flush-mounted in standard EU box (Ø=60 mm, depth min. 45 mm)
Packaging length (mm) 90
Packaging width (mm) 90
Packaging height (mm) 80
Packaging case packaging
Device length (mm) 77
Device width (mm) 77
Device height (mm) 53
Notes price including frame (Berker S.1, Merten M-Smart or Merten M-Plan)
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