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TS3 single-phase

The TS3 single-phase power thyristor controller is used to control the load or power of industrial load applications (e.g. fans, pumps, lamps, heating coils, industrial ovens). Its solid and compact design permit seamless installation and a wear-free control with a high degree of efficiency.

Application/type Power thyristors
Configuration DIP switches
Output voltage reference voltage for potentiometer: 10 V =
Output switch contact signal contact in case of fault state, 1x contact NO, 2A for 230 V ~, floating, output for ohmic and inductive loads, 3,5 kW (230 V ~ / 15 A), 5,75 kW (230 V ~ / 25 A), 8,05 kW (230 V ~ / 35 A), 11,5 kW (230 V ~ / 50 A)
Input input for potentiometer 2,5..10 kΩ, electrical activation via setpoint signal 0..10 V =, 0..20 or 4..20 mA, optionally configurable
Operating range temperature (°C) 0..+50
Operating range humidity max. 95% rH non-condensing
Power supply L1, N: 230 V ~ 45..65 Hz, self-synchronizing
Power consumption typ. 13 W, typ. 22 W, typ. 31 W, typ. 45 W
Display 4 LEDs showing status of the device
Enclosure aluminium
Protection (IP) IP40, according to EN 60529
Connection terminal block
Mounting prepared for mounting on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715
Device length (mm) 92
Device width (mm) 105
Device height (mm) 128
Catalogue table Power thyristors
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