Room Controller

LCF02 Touch

Modern, touch-operated fan coil room thermostat designed for individual control of room temperature. It is tailored to be compatible with 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil units and modulating valves (PWM and 0..10 V). Furthermore, LCF02 Touch provides two configurable digital inputs for e.g. occupancy, window contacts, dew-point contact or change-over. Additionally, it is equipped with an input for external (remote) temperature sensors and an RS485 Modbus interface for overwriting controls parameters. With its flush-mounted design, the LCF02 Touch combines digital technology with a large touch screen (LCD), which makes up for an intuitive operation of the fan coil thermostat. It further provides an integrated scheduler with 7 days and 4 time periods.

Fan coil thermostat, Room controller
LCF02 Touch RS485 Modbus