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Room / fan coil thermostat – JOY

Multi-faceted with distinct design

Appealing design, intuitive operation and flexible enough to adapt to most diverse requirements: The room / fan coil thermostat JOY by Thermokon makes up for an efficient and comfortable climate control in room applications. The visual experience is already convincing – a flat housing, precious touch interface made of glass, a power button as well as the large and clear backlit display provide for a unique user experience. The LCD screen shows current HVAC values and settings e.g. temperature, fan stage as well as date and time for a time-controlled operation of functions.



The new JOY comes in three different versions: a heating/cooling model, a heating/fancoil model as well as a communicating model on Modbus or BACnet. Due to the different models, flexible and individual building infrastuctures are covered in order to fulfill customer’s requirements and integrate into existing BMS.

At both ends, human interaction and integration into BMS, the JOY is destined to ease the configuration and control operations, making it a JOYful experience for users as well as integrators to work with. Further energy-efficiency functions are included already. One contributing factor is the ECO-function, which intelligently adapts HVAC functions (e.g. set temperature and fan stage) to current demands and thereby saves resources whilst allowing for individual user profiles still.

Also additional functions/sensors e.g. dew-point sensors, window contacts or key-card switches can be logically connected by using the digital inputs of the JOY thermostat. Change-over applications can be realized either with an external temperature sensor or digital relay input.

The latest brochure of the JOY room thermostat can be viewed here

Technical Highlights

  • Elegant flat design combined with premium materials and large LCD screen (available colours: black and white)
  • Flexibility and options through three different models
  • Types with EasySens® (EnOcean) available
  • Demand-controlled operation using individual user profiles
  • Integration into BMS possible
  • Integrated ECO-Function for an increased energy-efficiency
  • Change-Over applications via external temperature sensor or relay input
  • Optional integration of window contacts, dew-point sensors of key card switches
  • Simple and quick configuration via touch buttons or BUS
  • 7 days 4 periods programmable function: one week is divided into 7 days with four periods in each day, each temperature can be set separately to meet the user´s different room temperature need in different time periods

For further technical information about JOY please click here:
JOY Fancoil | JOY Heating/Cooling

* Instead of 2x Heating/Cooling (0..10 V)

Flexible and 24/7 demand-controlled

Three time-period channels – four timeslots: By offering demand-controlled individual user profiles, the JOY perfectly adapts to personal preferences on room climate.

The following example illustrates the adaptation according to individual user preferences:

  • 06:00 am: JOY sends a signal to heat up the room according to the set temperature assigned when the room is occupied.
  • 09:00 am: Once the desired temperature is reached, JOY constantly lowers the temperature automatically to save energy during daytime.
  • 06:00 pm: Assuming unoccupied rooms during night time, the JOY lowers the temperature to a predefined basic set temperature to increase energy-savings during the night.
  • During weekends, the room temperature is kept to a constantly low temperature so to save energy when it is not needed.