airConfig – Commissioning Made Easy

The use of EnOcean RF telegrams makes it possible:  airConfig enables comfortable parameterization of your EasySens® devices by means of special remote commissioning commands. No more direct interaction and tiresome accessing of devices in buildings. Save a sginificant amount of time.

The latest airConfig brochure can be viewed here

Advantages of airConfig

  • Easy configuration via RF
  • Setting of configuration properties – e.g. waking-up cycles, measuring values or functions of input/outputs – configuration parameters are taken over into the device setting instantly
  • Saving of configuration properties
  • Clear and centralized availability of system information
  • Easy maintenance and support

Flexibility and Safety

Various airConfig features are flexible and safe.

  • Structured product listing by means of device IDs
  • Change of product functions even at inaccessible mounting places
  • Change of specifications and parameterization on-site or via remote maintenance
  • Password protected configuration of actuators



Installation and Configuration

Comfort is the center of focus when installing and configuring devices via airConfig:

  • Configuration of measured variables (EEP) and sensor parameters
  • Learning-in of sensors by Drag&Drop via RF (Remote Management)
  • Saving of time (configuration via Copy&Paste)
  • Remote access to product and project information
  • Possibility of parameterization (timer, intervals, telegram repetitions)
  • Selection of measuring range and individual naming of sensors
  • Identification function via visual and acoustic feedback

airConfig in application (short film)

The following shows different applications and benefits of the airConfig software:


Commissioning of devices

Adjustment of parameters post installation (e.g. thanos)

Integration into building management systems


 airConfig Software for Windows (.zip file):