Global Player with Regional Roots

Trend-setting sensors and sensor systems are developed and produced at our headquarters in Mittenaar-Offenbach with currently 260 employees. Besides our core values – safety, openness to new technologies and sustainability as well as our daily motivation striving for excellence in sensors, we established an own R&D department, an in-house test laboratory, a climatic chamber as well as an own SMD assembly line for our PCBs.

In addition, our finished goods warehouse for BigPoint products ensures our delivery ability at any time. The responsible handling of resources in all corporate sectors is self-evident.

For decades Thermokon has been producing in Germany.

Our ever-expanding production know-how ensures the quality seal “Made in Germany”.

The results of our work

Effective SMD assembly line for boards

The SMD/(SMT) assembly uses components which are soldered to the surface of  a two-sided circuit board (SMD = Surface Mounted Devices). Thanks to our own SMD line we are able to assemble PCBs in the most different constructions.

Quality Assurance through in-house test laboratory

All fields of our product range are supported by a development accompanying in-house test laboratory. Special focus is given to product and production accompanying tests.

The following measurements are enabled by different tests and examinations:

  • Burst
  • Surge
  • ESD
  • Voltage depression
  • Emitted interference
  • System perturbation

Fast Deliveries thanks to our stock

Our finished goods store of products enables a fast delivery. We are storing several standard HVAC sensors in limited quantities, i.e. delivery can be made within one week, very often even immediately upon receipt of order.

Research and Development Department

Research and development are an essential part of our corporate activities.

Innovations and a continuous further development are decisive for our future efficiency. A significant factor of success for the development is the work of our engineers in the R&D department. Our development / laboratory engineers are specialized in sensor technology (temperature, humidity, pressure & velocity, air quality, light & motion), field bus systems (LON, RS485 Modbus, Bacnet  MSTP, KNX), wireless system EasySens® as well as various OEM development.

Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Thanks to a very close cooperation with our partners we are exclusively using high-quality materials. Our excellent product quality is confirmed on regular basis by the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. For more details on certificates/declarations, please see here.