EasySens® – Self-powered, intelligent wireless system

Networked building automation without wires? Self-powered and intelligent? New building or refurbishment – the wireless RF system EasySens® enables best possible flexibility and a perfect basis to realize individual requirements to the latest detail.

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Advantages of EasySens®

  • Cost effective with comfort by Energy Harvesting
    (energy production from the sensor environment)
  • High flexibility with sensor location, fast and easy installation
  • Reduction of fire load – no need for wires
  • Easy integration into existing buildings without the need for wires
  • Direct mounting at representative measuring points
  • Compatibility to other manufacturers by using the international standard (IEC 14543-3-10)


Thanks to EasySens® wired power supplies and the change of batteries are things of the past: The Energy Harvesting technology enables a self-powered operation of products.

Energy is extracted by using integrated solar cells and kinetic energy of the sensor environment.


EasySens® transmitters and receivers are communicating autonomously within the building automation – without any help.

Status synchronization and triggering of different control commands on basis of defined parameters.

Bidirectional communication of energy self-sufficient devices with SmartACKnowledge.