Casambi – Cutting-edge lighting control with highest design aspirations

Expectations for full-featured professional lighting control solutions are high. Together with Casambi®, the thanos EVO provides all these features in just one device. The room control units are already characterized by their outstanding performance for the detection of temperature, humidity and ... more

MCS – Multi Compact Sensors

They are compact, versatile and feature energy-efficiency: The new MCS from Thermokon support the efficient automation of buildings. The small multi sensor can be mounted virtually everywhere and is connected through EnOcean or LoRaWAN® interface with the Building Management System (BMS)... more

LoRaWAN® – Long Range Wide Area Network

Long Range Wide Area Network – short LoRaWAN®* – is a radio technology that is capable of transmitting data over a long distance and even from remote and hard-to-reach locations in an energy-efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Due to the low energy consumption, the batteries of the sensors are extremely durable and... more

Touch Room Operating Unit – thanos EVO

Elegant, valuable, innovative: thanos EVO – The new room operating unit by Thermokon convinces with its modern design consisting of clear lines and a high-resolution 4.8" touch screen with a glass surface (available in black and white). The outstanding touch&feel of the premium... more

Room Sensors and Operating Units – NOVOS®

Thanks to an exclusive design, wide range of functionality, easy parameterization and efficient mounting, the new room operating units “NOVOS” by Thermokon... more

NOVOS® move – Portable sensors with CO2 traffic light function

Aerosols are a possible transmission path of the novel coronavirus. Aerosols spread quickly throughout the entire room, especially in closed indoor spaces. Regular ventilation by shock and cross ventilation or via ventilation systems in the rooms can significantly reduce... more

Room Thermostat – JOY

Appealing design, intuitive operation and flexible enough to adapt to most diverse requirements: The room thermostat... more

Wireless Valve Actuator – SAB+

The new EasySens® wireless valve actuator SAB+ was especially designed for an optimized energy-efficient control of radiators and underfloor heating in... more

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming the digital standard in the construction industry. The intention is to plan and construct a building... more

IntoMesh Switches

Bluetooth® solutions gain more and more importance for modern lighting controls. Thanks to the wireless and batteryless switches... more

USE – The new enclosure with hinged cover

The new Thermokon® enclosure USE for easy and fast mounting... more

EasySens® Toolbox – airConfig

The use of EnOcean RF telegrams makes it possible:  airConfig enables comfortable parameterization of your... more

EasySens® Toolbox – airScan

Red, yellow, green. airScan: Thermokon’s field strength measuring system for easy planning and reliazation of EasySens® projects. The traffic... more


If the ambient temperature fluctuates around dew-point, condensatation might appear. For your sensors condensate can have unpleasant consequences... more

5 Years Warranty

For all products manufactured as of 01.01.2014 Thermokon offers a warranty... more