USE-S / WRF04 – New enclosure material

Thermokon successfully implemented a consistent material usage for the new “USE” enclosure concept. This includes the USE-S housing as well as the WRF04 product series. With focus on the enclosure type USE-S, former used material PA6 (Polyamide) will be replaced by PC (Polycarbonate). With this step, the entire USE enclosure family (S/M/L) is now consistent based on the robust PC material. In addition, also the enclosure material of the WRF04 series has been changed from ASA to PC. With this transition in material, laser printings appear darker and are more resilient against environmental conditions.

More benefits in detail:

  • Higher resistance of enclosures against moisture/humidity
  • Fulfillment of UL standard UL94/V0: Fire-retardant – burning stops within
  • 10 seconds, maximum afterglow time of 30 seconds
  • UV resistance remains unchanged
  • PC (Polycarbonate) guarantees an improved stiffness compared to PA6

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