Thermokon Supportcenter

As a new free feature for our customers, we have launched the "Thermokon Supportcenter".

Like already known from other support services, also an FAQ section is available for frequently asked questions on specific technical information and/or the application of some products.

Besides the FAQ section, we have also created "Video Tutorials", that provide step-by-step guides for the integration and configuration of devices and help to save time during installation or before reading manuals.

Both support tools will grow in future gradually and we will try to answer as many questions as possible in the "Thermokon Supportcenter". In case you do not find the answer online, please let us know and we will certainly help.

By adding questions that you might have, we can also help others and share knowledge within the Thermokon community.

Further we kindly encourage our customers to use the "Thermokon Supportcenter" as a learning platform for the ecosystem of "sensors for building automation". Specific knowledge on applications, technologies and best-practices will be shared with our customers.


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