thanos EVO – The evolution of a classic

Elegant, valuable, innovative: thanos EVO – The new room operating unit by Thermokon convinces with its modern design consisting of clear lines and a high-resolution 4.8" touch screen with a glass surface (available in black and white). The outstanding touch&feel of the premium solution makes “thanos EVO” the first choice for high-quality and design oriented facilities.

Einzigartige Leistungsstärke

Thanks to innovative features, room control with thanos EVO is simple, intuitive and suitable for all requirements. In addition to temperature and humidity, the two air quality parameters CO2 and VOC are also measured; furthermore external sensor values can be displayed through the BUS communication. The visualization of short text messages and the use of 2D-room graphics, which, for example, make switching the light ON/OFF more convenient for different users, also support the intuitive operation of typical functions. Further features include an ECO function and convenient blind control ... more information


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