State-of-the-art sensors protect precious pieces of art

Preserving precious pieces of art and creating a pleasant indoor climate for visitors: Room climate control in museums has to perform a constant balancing act between keeping optimal conditions for the paintings as well as for visitors. In order to balance these requirements, both intelligent controls strategies as well as the underlying sensor technology, are of major importance. As an expert for sensor technology in building automation and HVAC, Thermokon® offers powerful solutions for air-conditioning in museums with high-quality sensors "Made in Germany", which guarantee highest accuracies and long-term stability.

High-quality and precise sensors for museum air conditioning

Ventilation and air-conditioning technology for museums is at the service of art and people. In order to protect exhibits and pieces of art, sensors provide data for a climate with constant temperature, humidity and ventilation. The values depend on the type of exhibits and their individual preservative measures. A room temperature of about 20 °C at 50 % relative humidity has become a guideline - fluctuations and excessively high or low temperatures should be avoided by all means. This indoor climate is also pleasant for visitors.

The controls of the indoor air climate is largely dependent on the quality of the measured values on which it is based. A prerequisite for this is precise sensor technology with a high long-term stability. Especially in museums, sensors should not distract from the exhibits in the sense of an unclouded enjoyment of art.

Specific sensors based on many years of experience

Thermokon® has become a name for efficient sensor technology in building automation. Being the "Home of Sensor Technology", the company combines more than 30 years of experience with high quality and efficiency and creates benefits through innovative sensor solutions. The high-quality sensors are developed and produced in Germany and include very specific sensors concepts for e.g. museums.

Various well-known museums already use the sensor technology from Thermokon® for a proper room air-conditioning. One of them is the “New Pavillon” in Berlin's Charlottenburg Palace, which was reopened in 2011. Works of famous painters from the age of Romantic and Realism are on exhibition. The museum “Folkwang” in Essen, known for its pioneering role in the field of modern art, as well as the “Humboldt Forum” in the Berlin Palace, which will become a cultural focal point with more than 20,000 exhibits from all over the world (opening this autumn) also rely on Thermokon’s sensor technology.

FTB+ - wall-mounting sensor with discrete design

The room sensor FTB+ can be unobtrusively integrated into the wall. The flush-mounted sensor with detached measuring transducer measures temperature, relative and absolute humidity, enthalpy and dew-point temperature. With its high-grade materials, decent stainless steel design and a slim sleeve with a diameter of just 7 mm, it can be placed directly next to or behind an exhibit and is therefore barely noticeable for visitors.

NOVOS – an elegant allrounder

The NOVOS family sets visual accents for upgrading design-oriented environments. The different paint finishes allow for a harmonic integration into the building architecture and interior design. The flattened shape of the enclosure and the slightly eroded surface give NOVOS also an appealing touch & feel.

The portfolio of the NOVOS product family includes sensors and room units for a wide range of applications in modern building automation - from the measurement of temperature, humidity or CO2 and VOC to climate control and the selection of complete scenes, which can also include lighting and shading.

In rooms with sufficient lighting conditions, the energy to operate the wireless NOVOS SR family is provided by the integrated solar cell. Thanks to its sophisticated design, NOVOS is also suitable for modernization and retrofit projects. The EnOcean-based wireless NOVOS SR products allow for a reduction of wiring, fire load and thereby save significant costs in renovations or revamping projects.

Intelligent radio sensor technology

For new constructions and retrofit projects - in particular of landmark buildings - the NOVOS with EnOcean radio interface are perfect to use. They not only do they contribute to a drastic reduction of cables, but at the same time increase the energy balance of a building by using natural energy sources as their power like the integrated solar cell or thermos-electric generators. Even in darker areas, NOVOS provide the option to back the power by optional batteries.

The operational areas of the EnOcean portfolio extend from room sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2 etc.) up to the self-powered valve actuator for radiator heating control.


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