Press: Remote-Commissioning Tool airConfig

airConfig uses EnOcean based RF telegrams to configure devices using special remote commissioning commands. airScan USB transceivers and the airConfig software tool allows communication and integration to other devices and networks.




  • Seamless learning-in and easy configuration (via RF)
  • Saving of all configuration parameters
  • Selectable configuration parameters such as telegram wake-up cycles, operating measuring ranges or control of inputs/outputs
  • Clearly structured and centralized system information – no need to program every single device
  • User-friendly maintenance and support

Installation and Configuration

  • Configuration of transmitted measured variables (EEP) and sensor parameters
  • Learning-in of sensors by Drag & Drop via RF (Remote Management)
  • Time Saving (Copy & Paste configuration)
  • Remote access to product and project information
  • Possibility of parameterization (Timer, intervals, telegram repetition)
  • Selectable operating measuring ranges and individual naming of sensors
  • Identification function via visual and acoustic feedback of selected sensors

Flexibility and Safety

  • Structured display of products using the device IDs
  • Change of product functions, ideal for inaccessible product installations
  • On-site specification changes (changes of parameters) or via remote configuration
  • Password protected configuration





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