Press: One Sensor, Four Signals – Duct Air Quality Sensor LK-SX

The importance of measuring and detecting air quality is significantly increasing. Various substances in the air are polluting the room climate and are affecting human health in the long run.  To fight this influence mixed gas air quality sensors are used. Harmful and uncomfortable gases and vapours such as body odour, tobacco smoke or even the evaporation of materials in furniture, carpets or coat of paints are detected. Based on these measuring values air quality sensors enable a demand-responsive supply of fresh air or a contribution to an optimized energy consumption.

As one of the few manufactures in the market Thermokon offers a well thought-out solution combining four functions in one device. The duct air quality sensor type LK-SX CO2 + VOC allows the detection of CO2 and VOC as well as temperature and humidity. Thereby, the ALL-IN-ONE solution enables a full overview of all relevant measuring variables affecting the air quality. Thanks to this multi sensor the preconditions for an optimization of comfort and energy consumption are given.

High-graded design – hidden mounting

Thanks to the direct mounting in air ducts and air conditionings the multi sensor is not visible in the room at all and guarantees an inconspicuous appearance. The integrated hinged cover and the plug terminals enable an easy mounting – no tools are needed.  For a direct connection to a DDC or an automation system four analogue 0-10V outputs are at option.

For an operation without DDC or control technology a type with a mixed output is available offering the possibility to assess CO2 and VOC signals and to control the ventilation directly with the combined signal. Mix ratio for selection:  30/70%, 50/50% and 70/30%.


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