USE-S / WRF04 – New enclosure material

Thermokon successfully implemented a consistent material usage for the new “USE” enclosure concept. This includes the USE-S housing as well as the WRF04 product series. With focus on the enclosure type USE-S, former used ...[more]

Technic: WSA – weather protected sensor (rH + temp)

Protected humidity and temperature sensor for outside applications. The radiation shield protects the outside sensors from rain and radiated heat. With the curved shape and color of the plates air flow is able to move across the...[more]

Technic: Firmwareupdate – thanos KNX

A new firmware is available for our touch room operating unit thanos KNX. Firmware specifications:Version 2.4Size: approx. 4 MBCompatible devices: thanos KNX Please find the new firmware in our download archive or download it...[more]

Technic: DPA/DPT – the differences between the differential pressure transmitters

The differences between the differential pressure transmitter DPT to the preceding type DPA.Overview[more]

Technic: AKF10/AKF10+ – the differences between the duct sensors

The differences between the duct sensor AKF10+ to the preceding type AKF10.Overview[more]

Technic: DPA succeeds the DPT

We will phase out the DPT from 2016 onwards and switch to the new DPA model. The new range for differential pressure transmitters is extended by a new cost-effective Modbus version to integrate into the BMS. Datasheets:...[more]

Technic: Change of Download Archive

On Friday 04.09.2015 our download archive was successfully changed to a company-owened FTP server. Thereby the following benefits are enabled: Files can be downloaded with full bandwidthClear restructuring of...[more]

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