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Effective protection of electronics in data centers

Data centers are a sensitive facility with regards to global digital communication and data storage. To ensure reliable operation of the networking electronics in data centers, it is important that a constant, optimum room...[more]

Reducing the risk of infections through demand-oriented ventilation

"Aerosols are a possible transmission path of the novel coronavirus. Aerosols spread quickly throughout the entire room, especially in closed indoor spaces. Regular ventilation by shock and cross ventilation or via...[more]

Combined sensors - energy-efficient, demand-oriented, economical

 High-performance sensor technology is a key requirement for the energy-efficient climate control of buildings. Compared to separate models for each individual measured value, combi-sensors offer significant economical...[more]

State-of-the-art sensors protect precious pieces of art

Preserving precious pieces of art and creating a pleasant indoor climate for visitors: Room climate control in museums has to perform a constant balancing act between keeping optimal conditions for the paintings as well as for...[more]

Press: Thermokon’s New STC-BACnet IP 902 MHz EnOcean Radio Transceiver

The STC-BACnet IP 902 MHz EnOcean Radio Transceiver is Thermokon’s new and dynamic bi-directional gateway for EnOcean-based sensors, actuators, controllers, and control systems with BACnet IP interface. Configuration and...[more]

Press: airConfig – Wireless Configuration

The use of EnOcean based RF telegrams makes it possible: airConfig by Thermokon enables a comfortable programming of EasySens® products by means of special remote commissioning commands. Thanks to the wireless building automation...[more]

Press: Remote-Commissioning Tool airConfig

airConfig uses EnOcean based RF telegrams to configure devices using special remote commissioning commands. airScan USB transceivers and the airConfig software tool allows communication and integration to other devices and...[more]

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