Interoperable System Integration (BUS Systems)

Compatibility is the asset

Intelligent building technology requires a communication between all components. When developing new solutions we take care that our products are compatible with all common BUS systems so to enable an easy interoperable system integration.




Since its development in the year 1979 the Modbus protocol had become a standard in the industrial communication and plays an important role as an application protocol for data transmission. As the Modbus TCP type, it had significantly advanced the Ethernet communication in the automation. The combination of manufacturer independent data visualization via Modbus and the universal network standard TCP/IP and the Ethernet enable the open exchange of process data. (

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The communication protocol BACnet, which is independent of manufacturers, is especially designed for applications in the building automation. The objective of BACnet is the allocation of uniform, non-committed standards for data communication. In Europe BACnet is represented by the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU), the industrial association for the use of global BACnet standards according to ISO 16484-5. BACnet distinguishes itself by high transfer rates. (

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The KNX technology has established well as a worldwide standard for all applications in the field of home and building system technology – from energy management, HVAC applications or security systems via lighting and shutter control up to the operation of household appliances and audio/video solutions. KNX is based on the installation tool ETS which is independent of manufacturers and products. ETS is equipped with a full set of transmission media as well as a configuration mode enabling an overall use. (

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The idea of LON technology (Local Operating Network), a worldwide standardized communication and automation protocol, is the interoperability, a high application width and a comprehensive possibility of field applications enabling the realization of global building automation solutions. Data transmission is made directly from device to device. A central control system is not needed. (

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digitalSTROM networks all electrical devices in a household via the existing circuit lines and enables a new dimension of living comfort. From individual light changes up to more energy efficiency and security at home, there is almost nothing that cannot be easily and comfortably be controlled and automated with digitalSTROM. All necessary components can be mounted everywhere fast and clean. All applications can be controlled via switch or virtually via PC and smart phone.  digitalSTROM is the future of your current – but can be used today already. (

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Networked building automation without wires? Self-powered and intelligent? New building or refurbishment – the wireless RF system EasySens® enables best possible flexibility and a perfect basis to realize individual requirements to the latest detail.

Thanks to EasySens® wired power supplies and the change of batteries are things of the past: The Energy Harvesting technology enables a self-powered operation of products.

Energy is extracted by using integrated solar cells and kinetic energy of the sensor environment.


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