Why does the temperature sensor of the Thanos react slowly?

The Thanos room control unit uses an integrated temperature sensor for displaying the current room temperature. The internal measurement result is equipped with a filter. This filter is used to avoid sensor reactions to spontaneous, but temporally very limited temperature changes (e.g. temporarily opened window). 


The response time of this filter indicates the time, when the Thanos displays about 90% of the current temperature change. 



The response time can be adjusted by entering the Thanos “2-finger-menu”. The menu can be accessed by pressing the buttons 1 and 7 for 3 seconds simultaneously.




The default setting is for the response time is set to „Normal“. Optionally, the response time can be set to “Slow” and “Fast”.







Setting: Fast  

Fast control loop; no spontaneous temperature changes expected (draft, etc.)

Setting: Normal (default) 

Normal control loop; rare occurrence of spontaneous temperature changes (draft, etc.)

Setting: Slow

Slow control loop; frequent occurrence of spontaneous temperature changes (draft, etc.); e.g. when a door or window has been opened   

In general, the response time should be set in a way that the control loop reacts slower than the sensor.

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