How can I use both of the SR06 LCD's lower buttons for light or blind control?

The SR06 LCD 2T Light and 2T Blind combines two devices in one. One SR06 LCD 2T wireless thermostat and one rocker switch. Therefore the device has 2 EnOcean Send-ID’s. 

The upper buttons have the same functionality as the SR06 LCD 2T – changing setpoint temperature. The EEP profile A5-10-03 is chosen as default configuration and used for temperature control. For this, the Send-ID 1 is used. It is printed on the label on the backside of the device.





The lower buttons work as a 2-channel rocker switch with EEP profile F6-02-01. They can either be used for light or blind control. The second Send-ID can be identified by pressing on one of the lower buttons and checking the incoming EnOcean rocker switch telegram with airScan.

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