How and where to use a repeater?

The use of repeaters requires a careful and detailed planning. On one hand, repeaters try to solve radio range problems. On the other hand, they can cause a significantly higher radio occurrence not always improving the situation.

Repeaters may only be used, where the signal you want to repeat still has a sufficient signal strength . That means: RSSI>-80 dB  



Repeaters are ought to be placed centered between transmitter and receiver with similar distances to each side. 


It is necessary to find out, which radio signals have to be repeated. Try to avoid repeating ALL radio telegrams that reach the repeater. This complicates the commissioning and causes a higher radio occurrence. Please note the information on repeater parameterization. 


The right position for a repeater can be determined by the software tool airScan. If the radio range of an application is not sufficient place the EnOcean USB Transceiver nearly centrally between the transmitter and the receiver.  Activate now the needed repeater (level 1 or level 2). 



Ensure that the radiotelegrams receive at the revceiver properly. After that test install a independent repeater (SRE-Repeater or SRE-Repeater UP) at the location in order to ensure a reliable radio communication. 



The integrated repeater function of airScan is just for commisioning or troubleshooting issues because of the EnOcean USB Transceiver's limited antenna range.

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