thanos dS

Elegant operating unit for complete and central room control with integrated sensors for room temperature and relative humidity. All function groups of digitalSTROM are supported. Depending on configuration thanos can flexibly operate lighting, shading, heating, audio, video, presence or app button. Visualization of appartement events like alarm, panic or fire and outdoor events like wind, hail or rain is also possible.

Measuring values temperature, humidity, depending on the device
Network technology digitalSTROM (dS)
Power supply 230 V ~ (±10%)
Power consumption typ. 3 W / max. 0,04 A
Measuring range temp. 0..+40 °C, dS: 0..+40 °C
Measuring range humidity 0..100% rH non-condensing
Accuracy temperature ±0,5 K (typ. at 21 °C)
Accuracy humidity ±3% between 20..80% rH (typ. at 21 °C)
Control functions light, blinds, room climate, audio, video, presence, app button
Clip anodized aluminium
Display showing room temperature, setpoint, operation mode, fan stage, occupancy, audio-visual presentation of events such as alarm, panic, fire is possible
Colour white or black
Enclosure PC and glass
Protection IP20 according to EN 60529
Connection electrical terminal block, max. 1,5 mm²
Ambient condition 0..+40 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
Weight 300 g
Mounting flush mounted in standard EU box (Ø=60 mm, min. depth=45 mm)

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