A versatile device for measuring and monitoring the overpressure, underpressure, differential pressure and volumetric flow of air and other non-aggressive gases in fans and filters in duct applications. With 8 adjustable pressure and volumetric flow ranges and high measuring accuracy, the sensor is suitable for air conditioning and ventilation applications as well as for clean room and process applications. The devices with relay outputs for a 2-point controller or a 2-stage 2-point controller and large LCD allow for a wide range of applications. Depending on the model, the sensor can be individually configured via Thermokon USEapp. Tool-free opening, closing and wiring as well as removable cable entries ensure quick and easy installation. Dual versions with 2 independent sensors for the output of 2x differential pressure and/or 2x volumetric flow are available. The mounting base (included in the delivery content) is used to mount the DPA+ on a flat surface (duct) or on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715.

Measuring valuesdifferential pressure, volume flow
Mediumair or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases
Output voltage2x 0..10 V or 0..5 V (adjustable via jumper; live-zero configuration via Thermokon USEapp), Dual: 2x 0..10 V (differential pressure) or 4x 0..10 V (differential pressure and volume flow), min. load 10 kΩ
Output ampere2x 4..20 mA, max. load 500 Ω
Output switch contactRelay: 2x floating contact NO for 24 V ~ or 24 V = / 3 A, optional
Network technologyRS485 BACnet (MS/TP), LON FT (free topology), RS485 Modbus
Power supply15..35 V = or 19..29 V ~ SELV
Power consumptionmax. 2,5 W (24 V =) | 4,3 VA (24 V ~)
Measuring range pressuretype 250: 0..+25 | 0..+50 | 0..+100 | 0..+250 | -25..+25 | -50..+50 | -100..+100 | -150..+150 Pa, type 2500: -100..+100 | 0..+100 | 0..+250 | 0..+500 | 0..+1000 | 0..+1500 | 0..+2000 | 0..+2500 Pa, type 7000: 0..+1000 | 0..+1500 | 0..+2000 | 0..+2500 | 0..+3000 | 0..+4000 | 0..+5000 | 0..+7000 Pa, selectable at the device, Volume flow 0..750.000 m³/h, optionally configurable via Thermokon USEapp
Accuracy pressuretype 250: ±1 Pa at range <250 Pa, type 2500: ±5 Pa at range <500 Pa, ±10 Pa at range >500 Pa, type 7000: ±10 Pa at range <2000 Pa, ±25 Pa at range >2000 Pa, deviation from calibration reference device (calibrator)
Max. working overpressure40 kPa
CalibrationAZ: Automatic zero point calibration (optional)
Sensorpiezo measuring element
InputsRS485 BACnet (MS/TP)/RS485 Modbus: 2x input for NTC10k or floating contact (2IN), optional
DisplayLCD 29x35 mm with RGB backlight, optional, measured values: pressure in Pa or inchWC, volume flow in m3/h oder cfm, configurable via Thermokon USEapp
Enclosureenclosure USE-L, PC, pure white
ProtectionIP65 according to EN 60529
Cable entryFlextherm M20 for wire Ø=4,5..9 mm, Relay/BUS: M25 with fourfold cable entry for wire with max. Ø=7 mm, removable
Connection electricalremovable plug-in terminal, max. 2,5 mm², BUS terminal: removable plug-in terminal, max. 1,5 mm²
Connection mechanicalpressure connection male Ø=5,0 mm / Ø=6,3 mm, connection tube: PVC, soft
Ambient condition-10..+50 °C, max. 85% rH short term condensation
Mountingscrew mounted onto flat surface, prepared for mounting on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715
Delivery contents2 mounting screws, 2 plastic duct flanges, 2 m PVC connection tube, Dual: 2x2 each, incl. mounting base enclosure USE-L pure white

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