Air velocity and temperature transducer with 3 selectable ranges engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry measuring air velocity and temperature in ducts for fancoil, valve and electric heater applications. Optionally, an LCD as well as realy outputs for limiting and monitoring are available.

Measuring values air velocity, temperature
Medium air or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases
Output voltage 2x 0..10 V, min. load 1 kΩ
Output ampere 2x 4..20 mA, max. load 400 Ω
Output switch contact AVT LCD relay: relay with change-over contact (volt free contact), 250 V ~ / 6 A, 30 V = / 6 A
Power supply 15..24 V = (±10%) or 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV
Power consumption max. 2 W, AVT-R LCD: max. 2,4 W
Measuring range temp. 0..+50 °C
Measuring range velocity 0..2 m/s, 0..10 m/s, 0..20 m/s, selectable at the device
Accuracy temperature <0,5 K (v> 0,5 m/s), ±0,5 K (typ. at 21 °C)
Accuracy velocity 0..2 m/s: <0,2 m/s + 5% of measuring value, 0..10 m/s: <0,5 m/s + 5% of measuring value, 0..20 m/s: <1,0 m/s + 5% of measuring value (typ. at 21 °C)
Sensor calorimetric measuring principle
Display LCD 3,5", 45.7 x 12.7 mm, optional, for indication of measured values
Enclosure ABS, cover PC
Protection IP54 according to EN 60529
Cable entry M16 for wire max. Ø=8 mm, AVT-R LCD: 2x M16
Connection electrical terminal block, max. 1,5 mm²
Pocket stainless steel V2A, L=210 mm
Weight 220 g
Ambient condition 0..+50 °C, max. 85% rH short term condensation
Delivery contents incl. mounting flange
Notes optional with display "LCD", optional with relay, Adjustable Immersion length: 50..180 mm, using mounting flange, adjustable switching threshold and hysteresis

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