Pressure transmitter for measuring absolute pressure of liquids, air or non-aggressive gases. Designed for use in refrigeration, hydraulics, production plants and processes. The dense stainless steel membrane makes the sensor suitable for use with refrigerants as well. For a quick & easy connection, a 5 m cable with a pre-installed connector is available (see 'Accessories'). The DLF can be optionally equipped with a 4-digit LED display (see 'UD-A' - 4..20 mA versions only).

Measured valuespressure
Mediumfluids, air or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases
Output voltage0..10 V, min. load 5 kΩ
Output current4..20 mA, max. load 600 Ω
Power supplyV: 15..24 V = (±10%) or 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV, A: 15..24 V = (±10%) SELV
Power consumptionV: typ. 0,15 W | 0,3 VA, A: max. 0,5 W
Operating temperature range-40..+125 °C
Measuring range pressuredepending on device
Accuracy pressure±0,5% (typ. at +25 °C)
Max. working overpressure2 nominal pressure
Enclosurewetted parts stainless steel V2A
Protection (IP)IP65 according to EN 60529
Electrical connectionplug MVS according to DIN EN175301-803
Connection mechanicalG 1/2", G 1/4"
Ambient condition-40..+105 °C
Notesplease contact us for other ranges

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