Ceiling-mounted multi-sensor for detection of light and motion in rooms and office spaces. Energy-efficiency can be optimized through connecting the MDS to an automated constant light control and temperature reduction in unoccupied rooms. The flat design makes up for an inconspicuous installation in e.g. suspended ceilings. For mounting on concrete ceilings, a surface-mounted frame is available.

Measured valuesluminosity, motion
Output voltageStandard: 1x 0..10 V
Output switch contactStandard: floating contact NO, selectable at the device, with follow-up time 1 second..30 minutes
Power supply15..24 V = (±10%) or 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV
Power consumptiontyp. 1,5 W (24 V =) | 4 VA (24 V ~)
Measuring range light0..1 kLux
Accuracy Light±50 Lux
Dectection rangeCone-shaped detection range, angle 105°, range > 5 m, 444 detection zones. With an installation height of 2,7 m circular detection range will have a R= 7 m.
SensorPIR (passive infrared)
EnclosureABS, pure white
Protection (IP)IP20 according to EN 60529
Electrical connectionterminal block, max. 1,5 mm², pluggable
Ambient condition0..+50 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
NotesEnclosure for surface mounting available

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