The brightness sensor for ceiling installations detects indoor and outdoor light levels in living rooms, offices or at workplaces depending on the type of prism. The sensor is adapted to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye and serves together with control systems for an on-demand light or sun protection control. The remote sensor is connected to the enclosure via conventional RJ45 cables, making it easy to install in hardly accessible places. If two sensors are used, the individual values, the mean, minimum or maximum value can be provided through both output signals (configurable via Thermokon USEapp).

Measuring values luminosity
Output voltage 1x/2x 0..10 V or 0..5 V (adjustable via jumper; live-zero configuration via Thermokon USEapp), min. load 10 kΩ
Output ampere 1x/2x 4..20 mA, max. load 500 Ω
Output switch contact Relay: 2x floating contact NO for 24 V ~ or 24 V = / 3 A, optional
Network technology RS485 BACnet (MS/TP), LON FT (free topology), RS485 Modbus
Power supply 15..35 V = or 19..29 V ~ SELV, A: 15..35 V = SELV
Power consumption typ. 0,6 W (24 V =) | 1,5 VA (24 V ~), A: max. 20 mA (24 V =), AA: max. 40 mA (24 V =)
Measuring range light 0..200 Lux | 0..1000 Lux | 0..2 kLux | 0..10 kLux | 0..20 kLux | 0..50 kLux, selectable at the device
Accuracy Light ±5% of measuring range, calibration via Thermokon USEapp
Sensor Ambient light sensor with precise optical filtering appropriate to the human eye
Prism acrylic glass clear, straight, diagonal
Enclosure enclosure USE-M, PC, pure white
Protection IP30 according to EN 60529
Cable entry Flextherm M20 for wire Ø=4,5..9 mm, Relay/BUS: M25 with fourfold cable entry for wire with max. Ø=7 mm, removable
Connection electrical removable plug-in terminal, max. 2,5 mm², BUS terminal: removable plug-in terminal, max. 1,5 mm², sensor wire (patch cable) length=1,5 m (default), max. 10 m, plug RJ45
Ambient condition -25..+65 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
Delivery contents incl. mounting base enclosure USE-M pure white

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