Hygrostat (ON-OFF controller) to control the relative air humidity. It is designed for applications, where air humidity has to be controlled or monitored as ventilation and air conditioning, humidification and dehumidification equipment, in offices and computer rooms, food stores, cooling rooms for fruit and vegetables, greenhouses for gardening use, textile industry, paper and printing industry, film industry, hospitals and similar applications.

Measuring values humidity
Medium air
Output switch contact switching difference, 4% rH (at 50% rH), changeover contact, floating, max. 250V, 15 (2) A
Measuring range humidity 30..100% rH non-condensing
Working range humidity 35..95% rH
Accuracy humidity typ. ±3,5% (>50% rH), ±4% (<50% rH), average temperature coefficient -0,2% / K, typ at 20 °C, 50% rH
Air speed max. 8 m/s, with sensor protection max. 15 m/s
Sensor Polyga® measuring element, water resistant, washable
Enclosure ABS, pure white, light grey
Protection IP54 according to EN 60529
Cable entry M20 for wire max. Ø=8 mm
Connection electrical terminal block, max. 1,5 mm²
Pipe stainless steel, Ø=16 mm, length 220 mm
Ambient condition 0..+60 °C

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