Thermokon airScan consists of an USB transmitter/receiver with software to use your PC or Mac as a field strength measuring tool. Measuring frequency ranges the tool is used to define best mouting places for EnOcean transmitter and receiver. airScan gives a quick overview of EnOcean telegrams, reading status, ID, field strength and manufacturer for EnOcean products.
An optional USB extension for optimal positioning of the transmitter/receiver, even at the ceiling is available.

System requirementsthe software is available for all Windows- and Apple OS X based computers, min. Windows XP, Adobe Flash, min. USB 2.0
Radio technologyEnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
Frequency868 MHz, optional:, 902 MHz (Americas)
Delivery contents1x USB-Stick, software for configuration (freeware via download)
NotesUSB extension (3 m) for optimal positioning of the transmitter/receiver is available (refer to accessories)

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