Touch Room Operating Unit – thanos

thanos – Simplicity can be that smart

The top-end of our room operating units is now gaining a new brother – the multi-functional “thanos”. Being a design-oriented and flexible addition to our portfolio, it provides new features and possibilities in room controls. 
All settings and options are visualized in a 3,5” TFT display covered by scratch-resistant glass. The user gets an immediate visual and optical response whenever he changes any parameters.
Even though thanos uses features of most common applications in building automation, users and integrators can still individualize functions and screen. Typical parameters such as temperature setpoint, fan control, blinds/shutters and light control can be adjusted by touching  the glass surface.

The latest brochure of the thanos room thermostat can be viewed here

Advantages and Highlights

  • Adjustment and parameterization of common HVAC features with touch technology
  • Compatible with the EasySens® product line based on EnOcean ISO/IEC 14543-3-10
  • Seamless integration into common BUS systems
  • High quality material for design-oriented interior design
  • Free configurable buttons (28 buttons for thanos S, 12 buttons for thanos L)
  • Customized – instead of date and time individual colour graphics can be shown (e.g. company logo or hotel name; not available for LON and KNX)
  • Integrated temperature detection, realative humidity optional
  • Bidirectional communication to the EnOcean system and devices
  • Compatible with digitalSTROM, KNX, LON or Modbus
  • Capacitive touch glass surface for intuitive control
  • High resolution 3,5“ TFT graphic display
  • Brushed aluminium function clip
  • Available types: L, S, LQ, SQ    
  • Power supply 24 V or 100..240 V

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thanos, thanos SR, thanos dS

Type overview

thanos SR radio

The high-end touch room operating unit supports the EnOcean standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10, which enables a wireless bidirectional communication to further EnOcean devices.

Besides typical room parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and fan stage also occupancy, date/time and window statuses can be displayed.

Hotels and companies can also have their logo displayed as a screensaver or permanently to label their customized central room unit. Different channels can be configured for dedicated heating/cooling districts as well as de-/humidifying.

The brushed aluminium clip is equipped with a touch sensor and can be parameterized for multiple functions e.g. Master ON/OFF.

Advantages and Highlights

The room operating unit uses a bidirectional EnOcean interface for wireless communication, which can be configured using our free airConfig software for remote commissioning.

  • Bidirectional communication thanks to an integrated EnOcean communication interface.
  • Comfortable remote commisioning with airConfig
  • Individual configuration of up to 12 capacitive touch buttons (thanos L version)
  • Easy integration into existing BUS systems

thanos rH S dS

Living smart: acting as a central unit for the digitalStrom concept, thanos rH S dS can establish up to 8 different functional groups.

It supports all functional groups of the digitalStrom architecture such as Lighting, Blinds/shutters, Heating/Cooling, Audio, Video, Occupancy and App buttons.

In addition to three main screens for central control functions, the thanos can be set up for up to 8 sub-menus of before mentioned functional groups.

It can also act as an occupancy interface to shut down or power defined functional groups such as lighting or audio. Additional information on alarm, panic or fire as well as weather forecasts can be integrated and send push notifications to your mobile.

Advantages and Highlights

  • Smart operating unit for complete and central room control (colours black or white)
  • Integrated sensors for detection of room temperature and relative humidity
  • Individual designation of 3 main screens for central operation of up to 8 sub menus for dedicated functions
  • Possibility of audio-visual indication of events such as alarm, panic, fire
  • Displaying of current weather such as wind, hail or rain via icons
  • Communication is using the existing 230 V power net work, no additional BUS wires will be required to enable a local communication
  • Plug and play via the digitalSTROM configurator or via smart phone or system app
  • Easy mounting on the wall in combination with a    standard flush-mounted installation box

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