SI-Protection for Protection of Sensors

If the ambient temperature fluctuates around dew-point, condensatation might appear. For your sensors condensate can have unpleasant consequences: Humidity penetrates into the soldering point of the sensor, the sensor oxidizes and begins to corrode. Thus, the measuring result becomes unreliable.

Advantages of SI-Protection

  • Protection against the permeation of humidity
  • Mechanical protection against vibrations


SI-Protection offers you a safe protection against corrosion damages, vibrations and measuring inaccuracies. The contact points of the sensors are coated with epoxy resin.

Due to the permanent connection with the insulation material of the wire a closed unit is established protecting the sensor reliably against vibration and humidity. This effect is additionally supported by the rolled pocket.

Optimized Protection

By means of this protective coating our temperature sensors can be used in cold water or outdoor applications without any problems, for example.


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