RDF-IR – Ceiling Flush-Mounted Surface Temperature Sensor

Ceiling flush-mounted sensor for surface temperature measurement (in rooms, office spaces...). Using the infrared measuring principle, an averaged temperature over the circular detection range (optical detection range 80°) is performed. If two IR sensors are used, the average, minimum or maximum value of both temperature signals can be provided in addition to the individual temperatures of each sensor (configurable via Thermokon USEapp).

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Benefits and Highlights

  • Temperature measurement via infrared technology
  • optical detection range of 80°
  • providing average, minimum or maximum value when using two IR sensors
  • configurable via Thermokon USEapp

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Function principle

The sensor measures the surface temperatures in a circular detection range of 80° to provide the average room temperature.

Ceiling Flush-Mounted Sensor – RDF-IR


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