Differential Pressure / Volume Flow Transducer – DPA+

DPA+ – Flexibility in perfection due to MultiRange-technology

Accurate and reliable: Thanks to high quality components the differential pressure transmitter DPA+ can combine high accuracy  with high pressure safety (up to 400 kPa bursting pressure).

The USE enclosure enables a fast access to all device installations. Another highlight of the DPA+ are the eight selectable measuring ranges.

In addition, DPA+ is available with LCD and/or BACnet-/RS485 Modbus interface. The set parameters are also indicated. Thus, the measuring values can be easily verified. The DPA+ also outputs the volume flow as a second analog output signal.

Note: Bluetooth dongle is necessary for configuration via USEapp.

The brochure of the DPA+ can be viewed here

Advantages and Highlights

  • Eight selectable measuring ranges (MultiRange),
    each measuring range is calibrated separately
  • High accuracy:
    DPA250+: ±1 Pa at measuring range < 250 Pa
    DPA2500+: ±5 Pa at measuring range < 500 Pa
    DPA7000+: ±10 Pa at measuring range < 2000 Pa
  • Optional with automated zero point calibration
  • High  pressure safety (up to 400 kPa bursting pressure)
  • Break- and schock proved hinged cover housing, 
    protective class IP65
  • Suitable for DIN-rail mounting
  • Staggered pressure connectors to avoid a bending of the wires
  • Optional display for reading of measuring values
  • Available with BACnet or RS485 Modbus output
  • Dual-Version with 2x Differential Pressure and 2x Volume Flow output available

For further technical information about the DPA+ please click here

1 Device – 2 Measurands – 8 Measuring Ranges

The differential pressure transducer DPA+ is available in three different types having 8 adjustable measuring ranges. In addition, the output of the volume flow is possible as a second analog output signal. Available outputs: 2x 0..10 V, 2x 4..20 mA or RS485 Modbus


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