Future-proof planning - with BIM data from Thermokon

Building Information Modelling (BIM) – digital standard in the construction industry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming the digital standard in the construction industry. The intention is to plan and construct a building jointly and across all trades involved in a new construction. The increasing digitalisation of content allows new possibilities during the design, planning and management phase of a building.

A BIM model is the digital representation of the functional and physical condition of a building. From the initial concept to the demolition of a building, this model serves as a source of information and serves as the pivotal point for collaboration throughout the entire life cycle of a building. The convergence of multiple trades makes new constructions more efficient, cost-saving and reduces the risk of failures during the planning phase.

As Thermokon stands for innovative and future-oriented products, the first BIM data of products are now available and can be downloaded.

  • Thermokon BIM data are available for USE products and NOVOS 3 in .rfa file format (Revit)
  • Data models are based on VDI3805 (Guideline implemented by the leading “Association of German Engineers (=VDI)”)
  • Other data models are available on request

Where can I find the BIM data?

You can find the corresponding BIM data under the "Downloads" tab of each respective product or directly by browsing through the downloadcenter.

In case you need BIM data for a product, which is not yet listed online, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at email@thermokon.de or through our contact form.


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