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airConfig – Commissioning Made Easy

The use of EnOcean RF telegrams makes it possible:  airConfig enables comfortable parameterization of your EasySens® devices by means of special remote commissioning commands. No more direct interaction and tiresome accessing of devices in buildings. Save a sginificant amount of time.

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Advantages of airConfig

  • Easy configuration via RF
  • Setting of configuration properties – e.g. waking-up cycles, measuring values or functions of input/outputs – configuration parameters are taken over into the device setting instantly
  • Saving of configuration properties
  • Clear and centralized availability of system information
  • Easy maintenance and support



Flexibility and Safety

Various airConfig features are flexible and safe.

  • Structured product listing by means of device IDs
  • Change of product functions even at inaccessible mounting places
  • Change of specifications and parameterization on-site or via remote maintenance
  • Password protected configuration of actuators

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Installation and Configuration

Comfort is the center of focus when installing and configuring devices via airConfig:

  • Configuration of measured variables (EEP) and sensor parameters
  • Learning-in of sensors by Drag&Drop via RF (Remote Management)
  • Saving of time (configuration via Copy&Paste)
  • Remote access to product and project information
  • Possibility of parameterization (timer, intervals, telegram repetitions)
  • Selection of measuring range and individual naming of sensors
  • Identification function via visual and acoustic feedback



airConfig in application (short film)

The following shows different applications and benefits of the airConfig software:

airConfig is a comfortable tool to configure device parameters, to learn-in transmitters to receivers and to read out parameters wirelessly.

By means of a pre-configuration the possibility for changing measuring ranges or adapting transmitting cycles is enabled.

This video pictures:

  • Drag&Drop function for easy learning-in of sensors
  • Saving of time by a parallel allocation of parameters to several devices
  • Various options of individual hardwares (e.g. STC-DO)
  • Individual designation of sensors
  • Coded data communication

This video shows the benefits of airConfig by means of a parameterization (using the example thanos).

airConfig enables the setting of new parameters in the software. They are directly transmitted to the device by RF. In addition, the measuring ranges of sensors can be changed via the software.

This video visualizes the simplicity of the integration into the building control technology using the example STC-BACnet IP.

The receivers are easily configured via Drag&Drop.


 airConfig Software for Windows (.zip file):


airConfig Software for MAC OS X (.zip file):


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