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Room Operating Units/Controller


Covering the 4.8" touchscreen below a real glass surface, the NOVOS Touch is the flagship model of the NOVOS family. With a maximum of up to 4 integrated sensors (temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and VOC) and the possibility of including external values as well, the NOVOS Touch brilliantly combines comfort and energy efficiency. Mutiple design options and colors provide individualism for the most diverse applications.

Application/type Room operating unit
Purpose Room Climate Control, Lighting control, Scene control, Shading control, Measure values
Measured values temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, enthalpy, dew point, CO2, VOC, CO2/VOC mix
Interface RS485 Modbus, RS485 BACnet, KNX (TP), LON FT
Functions temperature control, fan control, change-over, integrated PI and two-position controller, window/door monitoring, presence, lighting, blinds/shutter
Operating functions setpoint adjustment temperature, fan stage adjustment, presence detection, light ON/OFF/DIM, blind UP/DOWN/SET, setup scenarios, ECO function, showing measured value and history
Operating elements touch screen
Configuration NOVOSapp, uConfig, BUS, ETS (KNX), (depending on type)
Input 1x input for NTC10k or floating contact, 1x input for floating contact, 2x input for floating contact
Network technology RS485 Modbus, RS485 BACnet (MS/TP), LON FT (free topology), KNX (TP1)
Data transmission RTU, half-duplex, baud rate 9.600, 19.200, 38.400 or 57.600, parity: none (2 stop bits), even or odd (1 stop bit)
Operating range temperature (°C) 0..+50
Output signal temperature 0..+50 °C (default setting), selectable from 4 temperature ranges -40..+60 | 0..+50 | -20..+80 | -15..+35 °C -50..+50 | 0..+50 | -20..+80 | -15..+35 °C, optionally configurable
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH non-condensing
Accuracy temperature ±0,5 K (typ. at 21 °C), within default measuring range
Measuring range humidity 0..100% rH non-condensing, 0..85 KJ/kg enthalpy, 0..50 | 0..80 g/m³ absolute humidity, 0..+50 | -20..+80 °C dew point, optionally configurable
Accuracy humidity ±2% between 10..90% rH (typ. at 21 °C)
Measuring range CO2 0..2000 ppm, 0..5000 ppm, optionally configurable
Accuracy CO2 ±50 ppm +3% of measured value (typ. at 21 °C, 50% rH, 1015 hPa), self-calibration Dual Channel
Measuring VOC (mixed gas) heated metal oxide semiconductor
Power supply 24 V = (±10%) SELV, 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV
Power consumption typ. 2,5 W (24 V =), 5 VA (24 V ~)
Display TFT 4,8", 1120x480 px, capacitive touch technology
Enclosure with thermal separation and sensor channel, PC V0
Colour pure white, aluminium, black
Protection (IP) IP30, according to EN 60529
Connection tool-free mountable spring clamp, max. 1,5 mm², removable plug-in terminal, max. Ø=0,8 mm, cable entry via rear opening, predetermined breaking point (bottom) or drilling mark (top)
Mounting flush-mounted on standard EU box (Ø=60 mm), flush-mounted in standard EU box (Ø=60 mm, depth min. 45 mm), surface-mounted flat on base using adhesive foil or screws, base part can be mounted and wired separately
Packaging length (mm) 170
Packaging width (mm) 110
Packaging height (mm) 45
Packaging case packaging
Device length (mm) 163
Device width (mm) 106
Device height (mm) 25
Notes mixed gas sensors detect gases and vapours which can be oxidised (burnt): Body odours, tobacco smoke, exhalations emitted by materials (furniture, carpets, paint, glue ...)
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