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EasySens® Window Contacts


Energy-harvesting wireless window contact for the status monitoring of windows and doors. Ideal for retrofitting applications in hotel rooms or office spaces to increase energy savings.

Application/type Window contact
Purpose Room Climate Control
Interface EnOcean (868 MHz)
Sensor reed contact and magnet
Radio technology EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10) 868 MHz, 902 MHz, transmission power <10 mW, radio telegram, EEP D5-00-01 (1BS)
Data transmission immediately on change of state, every 1000 seconds
Operating range temperature (°C) -20..+60
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH non-condensing
Power supply solar cell, maintenance-free internal super cap, use of back-up battery possible for insufficiently lit environments, coin cell CR1225, battery type AAA
Enclosure PC V0
Colour pure white
Protection (IP) IP20, according to EN 60529
Mounting surface-mounted flat on base using included adhesive pad or screws
Delivery content incl. adhesive foil for mounting, incl. battery type AAA, incl. coin cell type CR1225
Packaging length (mm) 150
Packaging width (mm) 100
Device width (mm) 21
Device height (mm) 15
Notes for 1 or 2-leaf windows, Please note our sheet 'Information EasySens® Radio'
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