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EasySens® Input Modules


The SR65 DI is a wireless transmitter for the binary status of relay inputs. The status of the digital input is transmitted through radio to corresponding remote controllers in the EnOcean network or can be transferred through a gateway to any BUS network. It is often used as a push signal for night-time temperature reduction of heating controllers or ECO/comfort switching.

Application/type I/O module
Purpose Gateway
Interface EnOcean (868 MHz), Switch contact
Configuration airConfig
Input 1x input for floating contact, contact resistance max. 1000 Ω
Radio technology EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10) 868 MHz, 902 MHz, transmission power <10 mW, standard radio telegram, EEP A5-30-01 (4BS), optionally configurable
Data transmission immediately on change of state of the input, heartbeat cycle: every 100 seconds, optionally configurable
Operating range temperature (°C) -25..+65
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH short term condensation
Power supply solar cell, maintenance-free internal super cap, battery LS14250 (3,6 V)
Enclosure PA6.6, with quick lock screws
Colour pure white, transparent cover
Protection (IP) IP65, according to EN 60529
Connection cable entry M16 for wire Ø=8 mm, terminal block, max. 1,5 mm²
Delivery content incl. battery LS14250 (3,6 V)
Packaging length (mm) 170
Packaging width (mm) 120
Device length (mm) 78
Device width (mm) 58
Device height (mm) 46
Weight (g) 110
Notes to use the free software airConfig (download) a USB stick, which is able to send and receive EnOcean telegrams, is necessary. The EnOcean USB stick (incl. license) is included in airScan (item No. 566704 for 868 MHz), (refer to accessories), Please note our sheet 'Information EasySens® Radio'
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