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SR06 LCD – The Technical Design-Highlight

Stylish, compact, user-optimized – the new Thermokon room operating unit SR06 LCD enables a comfortable control of the room climate. Various room parameters and information on the building technology such as open windows can be viewed at one glance via the display.  Besides current values the display also allows the precise input of desired set points.

Best possible flexibility is offered with a 2 button device for control of room temperature as well as a 4 button model for control of temperature, ventilation and occupancy – humidity sensor at option.
Independently of the type selected, room temperature is measured by an integrated sensor.

Flexibility is rated very highly even with regard to installation and maintenance. The solar cell powered room operating unit is energy self-sufficient and maintenance-free. In addition, SR06 LCD is wireless – no wiring needed. Thereby, a free room positioning is no problem.

Thanks to the EnOcean based RF technology the communication with the building technology is made automatically without your assistance. Unidirectional transmission and a bidirectional data communication is enabled by the SmartACKNOWLEDGE technology.

The brochure of the SR06 LCD can be viewed here



SR06 LCD Glas

Advantages of SR06 LCD

  • Stylish design with high-graded optics
  • Compatible with products from EasySens®-Series
  • Best possible flexibility thanks to different types available
  • Bidirectionality by means of SmartACKNOWLEDGE
  • Easy configuration via PC
  • Battery-less operation due to Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Compatible to all common switch programmes –  three colours at option
  • Visualization of  various values

    Technical Highlights

    • Energy self-powered thanks to the Energy Harvesting Technology
    • Feasibility of guaranteeing a balanced energy balance
    • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor (optional)
    • Indication of current values and set values as well as room occupancy via integrated display
    • Adjustment of room temperature via function buttons
    • Powerful energy storage
    • Possibility to adapt device settings via software

    For more information about the SR06 LCD please click here

    SR06 LCD Anthracit

    Energy Balance SR06 LCD

    • With sunlight/radiation of artificial light
      Guarantee of a balanced energy balance with 6h / daily at 400 Lux and the following conditions:

      - Transmitting cycles 1000 s
      - Wake Up 100 s
      - 10 oprerations per day

    • Without sunlight/radiation of artificial light (in absolute darkness)
      Guarantee of numerous usages for 30.000 operations or 5 years (without operation) under the following conditions:

      - Transmitting cycles 1000 s
      - Wake Up 100s

    Types Available

    SR06 LCD Types Available

    Product examples

    SR06 LCD Bild3
    SR06 LCD Bild4
    SR06 LCD Bild1
    SR06 LCD Bild5
    SR06 LCD Bild2
    SR06 LCD Bild6